Total Recall 2070 (1999)

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The government mostly runs at the behest of a small number of extremely powerful companies called the "Consortium" (including computer memory and virtual-reality vacation provider Rekall and android manufacturer Uber Braun). David Hume is a senior detective for the Citizens Protection Bureau (CPB). After his first partner is killed by self-aware androids, he is partnered against his wishes with Ian Farve, an earnest and upright officer new to the department. Hume and the CPB often have conflicts with the Assessor's Office (the branch of the government that has sole jurisdiction over crimes related to the Consortium) and with the private security forces of Consortium companies.

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Season 1

  • 1.
    05 January 1999
    David Hume and his new partner Ian Farve must track down a gang of androids with abnormally high intelligence gained from experimental use of memory implant technology from the big corporation Rekall.
  • 2.
    12 January 1999
    The Detectives hunt for the androids take them to Mars.
  • 3.
    19 January 1999
    An accountant kills a deliveryman for seemingly no reason and then falls into a trance. Marks on his head suggest he had bought a cheap black-market memory implant, and Hume and Farve have to find the seller before more people get hurt.
  • 4.
    02 February 1999
    A corporate doctor just returned from a space station finds her husband in the bathroom dying and coughing up blood. CPB investigates it as a potential biohazard situation, but have to fight over jurisdiction with the doctor's employer.
  • 5.
    09 February 1999
    After failing to stop a young woman's suicide, Hume is puzzled when he sees someone looking just like her. Things get weirder still when the suicide victim turns into a withered old corpse.
  • 6.
    16 February 1999
    Hume and Farve's investigation of the murder of an Uber-Braun employee is severly hampered by the company itself and Rekall's new head of security Vincent Nagle.
  • 7.
    23 February 1999
    Farve starts behaving erratically after he and Hume investigate a service android that attacked two people who walked on the floor he'd just polished.
  • 8.
    02 March 1999
    The CPB's computer network goes haywire after a young man posing as a computer service technician sets off a security alarm. When interrogating him they discover that he's a product of a genetic engineering project that failed, and is now a member of a cult opposed to non-human sentience.
  • 9.
    09 March 1999
    A baby taken from his parents because of a genetic disposition towards crime disappears from the Reproductive Selection Board. Investigating, Farve and Hume find that his parents aren't the only ones interested in him.
  • 10.
    16 March 1999
    The head of the Mars Miners Union is shot by a member who the attempts to kill himself. They are both sent to a hospital where Farve tries to find out why he felt a connection with the shooter, while Hume investigates the shooter's background.
  • 11.
    23 March 1999
    Dr. Latham is starting to cooperate, when a lawyer from Recall shows up demands his release. Moments after his release the doctor is assassinated. Surprisingly, an autopsy reveals it was just a clone, so Hume and Farve try to find the real Latham.
  • 12.
    30 March 1999
    Farve and Moralez investigate the death of a cult leader who was crucified in his home, while Hume looks in on his paranoid father who's convinced the retirement home is spying on him.
  • 13.
    06 April 1999
    The CPB investigates the death of a man who was fried in his sublimator, and Hume becomes worried that the same might happen to Olivia.
  • 14.
    13 April 1999
    Hume and Farve travel to a crashed interplanetary cargo transport that went down in the freezing ""New Territories"". While all the six crewmembers survived the crash itself, 3 of them were murdered before help could arrive.
  • 15.
    20 April 1999
    When investigating the murder of the head of the Nexus dating service, Farve finds a list of people implanted by a Rekall mind-control project, and much to Hume's horror Olivia is on it. Adding to his trouble is his father, who once again has trouble with his retirement home.
  • 16.
    27 April 1999
    Brant is kidnapped on his way to a Mars safe house, and the assessor's office is prepared to pay the 40 million ransom in fear of loosing him to Rekall. Meanwhile Hume's personal problems continue as Olivia's memories don't seem to be returning.
  • 17.
    04 May 1999
    Farve and Hume investigate the destruction of an android at a chemical company. The owner blames his human workers, who came from the company ""Muscle and Blood"" run by the extremely anti-android Belasarius. Meanwhile David and Olivia split up, while they deal with the fact that she was under Rekall's control during their entire relationship.
  • 18.
    11 May 1999
    On their way to investigate a report about berserk androids, Farve and Hume are ambushed and captured by a rouge section of the assessor's office. They seek Hume's help in discovering Farve's part in what they see as a plot by machines to eradicate humans.
  • 19.
    18 May 1999
    When visiting a friend's apartment Olivia hears screaming, and finds her friend's rich husband standing over a bloody corpse. She is willing to testify, but given her recent memory problem she starts wondering if she just imagined the whole thing.
  • 20.
    25 May 1999
    Olan decides to keep a vial found on corpse in a crashed shuttle out of her report because of concerns of what it might be. Unfortunately, its real owners, Vari Dyne Inc., is willing to go to great length to get it back.
  • 21.
    01 June 1999
    After seeing a fellow cop killing a cornered prison escapee, Hume looks into the dead mans case and finds that the cop may have been taking the law into his own hands.
  • 22.
    08 June 1999
    After Hume nearly dies trying to interface with Farve's backup memory banks, Farve finally takes Hume to meet the alpha-android's creator.


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