The Outer Limits (1963)

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September 1963
January 1965
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Anthology type science fiction program with a different cast each week. Tending toward the hard science, space travel, time travel, and human evolution it tries to examine in each show some form of the question, "What is the nature of man?" Opening Narration: There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling the transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We can reduce the focus to a soft blur, or sharpen it to crystal clarity. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... The Outer Limits.

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Season 2

  • 1.
    19 September 1964
    Two soldiers from the future are thrust back through time to the present day.
  • 2.
    26 September 1964
    After returning from a mission to Venus, an astronaut can't seem to stay warm enough and has strange dreams about encountering a wraith-like being outside his spaceship window.
  • 3.
    03 October 1964
    A scientist invents a pair of glasses which enable him to see and communicate with a two dimensional being.
  • 4.
    10 October 1964
    A man experimenting with conciousness expansion drugs becomes super-human and not really human at all.
  • 5.
    17 October 1964
    A man with a glass hand attempts to unravel the mystery of who he is.
  • 6.
    24 October 1964
    A couple of motorists stranded in the desert are stalked by a bunch of tumbleweeds.
  • 7.
    31 October 1964
    A manned mission to Mars is menaced by Martian creatures who swim in the planets sandy soil.
  • 8.
    07 November 1964
    A college professor recreates the environment of a distant planet in order to study it's evolution... which happens quickly.
  • 9.
    14 November 1964
    A robot is put on trial for the murder of his creator.
  • 10.
    21 November 1964
    A soldier falls in Vietnam, felled by an unusual bullet. Miraculously, he survives long enough to be sent to the US for an operation. Adam Ballard, the Assistant to the Secretary of Science, apprises his boss of the situation. Lt. Minns survived, but now has a second brainwave pattern, much stronger than his own. Just like the other three. All four experience dramatic increases in intelligence, over 200. And new interests: biochemistry, metallurgy, physics and finance. And each seem to be driven to a mysterious goal, unknown even to themselves. Ballard tracks down each of them, or tries to. Conover turns away from the Swedish shipyard where he was working because he seems to sense that Ballard is inside, talking to his supervisor. Ballard learns that Hadley (now in South America searching for the herb rara coelensis) was working on ventilation systems. Conover had devised new alloys which were stronger and lighter than the original metals. And he finds that Renaldo has invented an anti
  • 11.
    28 November 1964
    In Part Two, Ballard follows up on a lead from Minns' apartment: a list of names. He finds that they're all children -- special children. Minerva Gordon is blind, Danny Masters is a deaf mute, others are handicapped in various ways. He makes preparations to protect the kids from Minns, to no avail. He then sets up a series of roadblocks on the road to Wichita, where a spaceship is being built. Ballard and Minns have a confrontation at the warehouse. At first, Minns and the others are in the dark about what will happen to the children. Then the alien intelligence reveals the final explanation to Minns and he takes Ballard inside the ship. He finds that the damaged children are whole again, and well. Crutches and leg braces lay on the deck, unneeeded. Minerva can see, and Danny can hear and speak. Minns tells Ballard that the atmosphere in the ship duplicates that of the planet they'll be travelling to. And that, if taken off the ship, the children will immediately revert. He says that t
  • 12.
    05 December 1964
    An alien offers his technical knowledge of how to build a ray gun in exchange for a scientist's ability to feel emotions.
  • 13.
    19 December 1964
    A man wants to capture a dangerous alien creature. Doing it himself would be way too dangerous, so he has his clone do it.
  • 14.
    26 December 1964
    Six future astronauts are put through a simulation of a long space flight.
  • 15.
    02 January 1965
    A dying astronaut agrees to have his brain implanted into a robot body.
  • 16.
    09 January 1965
    A test pilot crashes to earth. He finds that he and his wife are trapped in a time warp of sorts. The world around them is moving much slower than them, but moving. And they need to get back into the places they were when time catches up to them. Otherwise, they'll be stuck in this limbo like that ghostly character over there.
  • 17.
    16 January 1965
    Enroute to Tokyo, a plane flies into a storm and the pilot is forced to ditch the plane into the eye of a hurricane. The crew and passengers awake on a life boat on a floor of solid plastic. Light beams carve off a chunk of the boat and whisk it away, and the group soon realizes that they have been captured by an alien space probe. Dodging an alien ""microbe"", they find telemetry equipment sending the probe's findings to some distance source. As the probe prepares to depart Earth, the passengers beg for their freedom, and the guiding intelligence at the other end finally protects them from the microbe and frees them while summoning a rescue ship.

Season 1

  • 1.
    16 September 1963
    A radio station engineer named Allan Maxwell establishes contact with an alien being. But when the station's power is turned up, the alien is teleported to Earth, where is radioactive nature causes havoc.
  • 2.
    23 September 1963
    ""An oriental power"" develops a radical medical advance that temporarily makes skin malleable. They then manage to replace a Presidential candidate with one of their own.
  • 3.
    30 September 1963
    A group of intellectuals decides that the best way to avoid World War III is to give us all a common enemy. To that end, they transform a man into an alien creature.
  • 4.
    07 October 1963
    A radical experiment gives a college professor incredible power, which his subconcious mind uses to destroy his enemies.
  • 5.
    14 October 1963
    A scientist discovers a way to speed up evolution and tries out the process on a simple miner.
  • 6.
    28 October 1963
    An astronaut travels to the 23rd Century, where he finds the Earth a blasted wasteland inhabited by monsters.
  • 7.
    04 November 1963
    A new invention allows one to spy on anyone, anywhere.
  • 8.
    11 November 1963
    At a military base far in the arctic, a man invents a machine which allows two minds to contact one another. An earthquake causes a malfunction and two men wake up to find that their minds have switched bodies.
  • 9.
    18 November 1963
    A man with a steel plate in his head overhears conversations about global conquest. But all he sees are a bunch of rocks.
  • 10.
    02 December 1963
    In a war action with the planet Ebon, some soldiers are captured, interrogated and tortured.
  • 11.
    09 December 1963
    A young man and his big brother drive across country to the latter's new job site. At the end of his first week of work, he returns strangely changed. A bathroom accident kills the older brother by shorting out his pacemaker. The fact that big brother had a perfectly healthy heart leads the younger brother and a police detective, Sgt. Sirolio, to dig further. Sirolio finds that Norco hides a secret. They've been experimenting with a dangerous being of pure energy. This was how the older brother was killed prior to being resurrected with the pacemaker implant. Sirolio and a scientist are nearly killed with the creature escapes. Some quick thinking allows them to draw the thing back into ""the pit"". Safe, for now.
  • 12.
    16 December 1963
    A scientist named Ian Fraser invents a machine which can pierce the borderland between this world and... The Afterlife? Maybe. Fraser convinces an industrialist to finance future experiments with the possibility of contacting the rich man's dead son.
  • 13.
    23 December 1963
    In a South American country a group of explorers discover a prehistoric monster in an ancient lake. The discovery leads them into conflict with the country's dictator.
  • 14.
    30 December 1963
    The arrival of some VIPs from the planet Zanti is complicated by the intrusion of outsiders. After a fierce fight with the creatures we find that they were actually criminals who had been sentenced to death. The Zantis are too civilized to execute them on their own, so they left it to us barbarous Earthlings.
  • 15.
    06 January 1964
    A convict serving a life sentence finds that he has an alternative: change places with an alien.
  • 16.
    13 January 1964
    Two Martian investigators probe our custom of homicide.
  • 17.
    20 January 1964
    Eloping lovers come on a strange house. There they find an old woman still despairing over the loss of her fiance on their wedding day many years ago. Little does she know that one of her wedding presents is responsible for the disappearance of the groom: the present with the card that reads ""Don't Open Till Doomsday"".
  • 18.
    27 January 1964
    A queen bee assumes a human appearance in order to make an unwary scientist into her new mate.
  • 19.
    03 February 1964
    A government agent infiltrates a secret organization known as ""The Invisibles"" who attach parasites to the spinal chords of their victims. And, in doing so, they hope do (dare I say it?) take over the world!
  • 20.
    10 February 1964
    A scientist captures an alien that can protect itself with an unbreakable shield.
  • 21.
    17 February 1964
    Four scientists disappear in one day. All were born in the same county, on the same day. A fifth scientist is in jail and a federal agent is assigned to the case. The fifth man is sprung from jail by a mysterious stranger who says he's the young mans father.
  • 22.
    24 February 1964
    Scientists on a space station discover and unusual and dangerous plant.
  • 23.
    02 March 1964
    A group of people board an amusement park ride. Then they (and their surprised ""captain"") find that they're really going on a space jaunt.
  • 24.
    09 March 1964
    Workers on a moon base find a mysterious rock that appears to be alive.
  • 25.
    16 March 1964
    A radioactive rainstorm at a scientific base on a distant planet mutates a scientist driving him insane and making him telepathic.
  • 26.
    23 March 1964
    After running over an ancient man, Wade Norton finds a strange house where some people are kept prisoner (and ageless) by an alien intelligence.
  • 27.
    30 March 1964
    Two Earth people are transported to an alien planet, along with two aliens. The are told by their abductors that they will fight each other to the death. The stakes are high: the homeworld of the losers will be destroyed slowly, for the further amusement of their captors.
  • 28.
    06 April 1964
    Parents of a gifted youngster discover that their sons' new tutor is not quite human.
  • 29.
    13 April 1964
    Inhabitants of a suburb find one morning that their 6 block neighborhood has been snatched off to an alien planet. The aliens have been rendered immobile by an infection and they need slaves. They feel that the Earth people would rather become slaves than becoming infected and thus immobile. The humans surprise them by sacrificing themselves in order to save the rest of humanity from slavery.
  • 30.
    20 April 1964
    An accident in a nuclear research facility opens a dimensonal doorway. The invading creatures attempt to create an explosion which will widen the doorway but a scientist discovers a way to reverse the damage and close the doorway.
  • 31.
    27 April 1964
    Soldiers investigating the crash of a UFO are massacred. An assassin, Louis Mace, is transformed into an alien so that he can infiltrate and kill the aliens. He finds out that the aliens are peaceful and only acted in self-defense when they killed the aliens. He then helps the remaining crewman repair his ship and leaves with him.
  • 32.
    04 May 1964
    A crazy man invents a machine that can tilt time and bring the dead back to life.


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