Starhunter (2000)

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Starhunter follows the exploits of the crew of the spaceship Trans Utopian (The Tulip) , a former luxury liner that has been refitted to serve a bounty-hunting crew. Leading the crew during the first season is Dante Montana (Michael Michael Paré), who became a bounty hunter in order to search for his son, Travis, who was abducted ten years earlier by a group of Raiders. During the raid, Dante's wife, Penny, was killed. The Raiders are a group of genetically enhanced former-soldiers who were rendered sterile, and must abduct children to increase their numbers.

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Season 2

  • 1.
    09 August 2003
    Percy emerges from hyperspace to discover that 15 years have passed, and Caravaggio has had his graphic files updated. Unsure of what to do with The Tulip, she reluctantly teams up with bounty hunters Travis, Rudolpho, Callie and Marcus. Zavras, a Raider and former clansman of Travis, uses Dr. Daniel Rochaz to lure Travis out of hiding.
  • 2.
    16 August 2003
    Travis and Callie are hired by the Jupiter Federation to arrest Dakkota 79, a Raider leader on the verge of starting a war with the Verran Clan. Dakkota's girlfriend, Cira, may hold be a link to Travis' past. Rudolpho's inquiries into a possible bounty on Travis leads to complications, both with an old business associate, and with his new crewmates.
  • 3.
    23 August 2003
    When Marcus and Callie encounter Taryn, a former girlfriend of Marcus', panicked and begging for help, the crew discovers that she has been genetically altered. Travis is hired to apprehend Father Abode, a former student of Dr. Novak, who has been producing genetic mutants for the pleasure of wealthy clients.
  • 4.
    30 August 2003
    Travis and Callie's plans to capture ""low-level smuggler"" Strasser turn bad when Strasser recognizes her. Callie is injured, and the crew attempts to keep her alive with a damaged cryonic chamber. The Tulip sets course for Mars in hopes that Callie's estranged father, Janus, has her ""blank"" - a clone kept in stasis, and used for organ replacement.
  • 5.
    06 September 2003
    While exploring an uncharted debris field, the Tulip discovers a sarcophagus floating in space. Mishkin, the sarcophagus' lone occupant, spreads a disease among the crew that makes Rudolpho and Marcus question their positions aboard the ship.
  • 6.
    13 September 2003
    A Terran terrorist group protesting the ecological disastors that have plagued Earth are suddenly put on the map when thier methods of only targeting buildings and space structures accidently takes lives.
  • 7.
    20 September 2003
    The crew of the holovision reality series, ""The Third Thing"", follow the crew of the Tulip. Marcus, wanting more hands-on experience, is given the job of capturing a petty criminal.
  • 8.
    27 September 2003
    Travis and his crew must rescue a man's parents who were kidnapped 50 years earlier, but are have only aged 8 months due to time dilation. Rudolpho is forced to bring his rebellious teenage daughter, Serena, aboard the ship.
  • 9.
    04 October 2003
    The son of Roan Gerick, a family friend of the Montana family, is killed by Anestha, a new street drug the turns pain into pleasure. Travis hunts for Bliss, the leader of the narcotics ring, against Rudolpho's better judgement.
  • 10.
    18 October 2003
    Callie's reunion with Lena Bannen, an old friend, is interrupted when a rival bounty hunter attempts to arrest Lena for murder. Percy and Marcus try to find an antimatter stabilizer for the hyperdrive, and are forced to do some bonding when they become stranded in Syn City.
  • 11.
    25 October 2003
    While transporting Quigley, a prisioner who appears to be quite insane, the crew save the lives of an old nemesis, Max, and his associates. Max offers to share a stash of Onmium, a mineral rarer than diamonds and worth billions of credits.
  • 12.
    01 November 2003
    The Tulip experiences a power drain that leaves them at half power. Unaware that the problem is caused by an experiment conducted by Keres Station, a science research facility, Travis accepts an assignment from their head scientist, Dr. Schofield. He must capture Alrick Quennell, a Raider, and retreive a box containing the deadly Tethys Virus that Quennel stole from the station.
  • 13.
    08 November 2003
    While transporting Ritson, a deserter from the Jupiter Federation Elite Forces, The Tulip answers a distress call from Galentis, a mining platform on the asteroid Ida - a mining platform that should not be there. And for some reason, Percy isn't quite herself.
  • 14.
    15 November 2003
    Travis and Callie pick up Jane Doe, a psychiatric patient with amnesia, who apparently remembers Travis and wants him dead. Marcus finds himself attracted to Dr. Alora Kir, Doe's psychiatrist. The new incarnation of the Orchard, and their leader, Tristan Catchpole, set their sights on Travis, who may have one of his Divinity Cluster genes already activated.
  • 15.
    14 February 2004
    The Tulip's collision with a mine leaves the ship floating in space, vulnerable to attack. Percy, unhappy with Caravaggio's recent performance, creates an female AI with more emotion and intuition, but Kate very quickly develops too much independance.
  • 16.
    21 February 2004
    Callie's irritation with the Tulip's ongoing technical problems is aggravated when the stylish Seattle and its debonair captain rescue the crew from a problem it can't handle.
  • 17.
    28 February 2004
    A con man preying on older women has a mysterious link to Marcus' genes. Meanwhile, Percy is going through some mental difficulties.
  • 18.
    06 March 2004
    Rudolpho is suspicious of a trade minister the Tulip has been hired to transport to the Manheim Asteroid Belt to clinch a deal.
  • 19.
    13 March 2004
    Marcus believes he can convert the ship's hyper drive to use negative energy instead of anti-matter, but will need Durenium to produce it. Marcus attempts to find an old contract who may be be able to put him in contact with a seller of this rare and illegal element. Executive Chief Inspector Tibbit boards The Tulip to make sure that engines are in proper working order before granting Caravaggio's application for a change in power source.
  • 20.
    20 March 2004
    A vengeful bureaucrat has the Tulip crew court-martialed for a license violation.
  • 21.
    27 March 2004
    Marcus finds an obscure scientist whose theories may hold the secret to getting the Tulip into hyperspace.
  • 22.
    03 April 2004
    The ship's crew is trapped in separate folds of space-time. Meanwhile, Travis learns more about the Divinity Cluster.

Season 1

  • 1.
    01 November 2000
    Dante is reunited with MacDuff, an old friend who is dying from cancer. Luc's father, Darius, asks her to capture a geneticist who may hold the key to an alien gene known as ""The Divinity Cluster"".
  • 2.
    08 November 2000
    Against Dante's and Luc's warnings, Percy becomes friends with one of a pair of cousins that The Tulip is transporting to an automated prison on Mercury.
  • 3.
    15 November 2000
    While hunting a pair of con artists on Mars, Dante and Luc encounter a Raider with a boy who may be Dante's kidnapped son. Percy becomes trapped in Dante's VR device, which simulates his dead wife, Penny.
  • 4.
    22 November 2000
    After Dante and Luc capture Petrakis, an escaped prisoner who hijacked a luxury yacht, the Tulip is commandeered by Special Forces. They are transporting Ire, a girl with amazing powers who may be infected with a deadly virus.
  • 5.
    29 November 2000
    On a mission to a mining facility on Pluto, Dante and Luc attempt to capture Novak, a war criminal responsible for sacrificing thousands to the Divinity Cluster. Percy and Caravaggio deal with a holographic computer virus named ""Billy Ray"", who is wreaking havoc aboard The Tulip.
  • 6.
    06 December 2000
    Dante arrests a doctor and her son, unaware that she has a device that can control his mind.
  • 7.
    13 December 2000
    While transporting Etienne to a prison, the Tulip receives a distress call from Dr. Devon. Devon is pursued by Raiders after freeing his son, Ryan, from an Orchard medical research facility.
  • 8.
    20 December 2000
    Rudolpho instructs the crew to pick up a murder suspect who turns out to be Luc's ex-husband, Eric. Eric has escaped from an Orchard medical facility where he was injected with an experimental antibody that has killed all previous recipients in 48 hours.
  • 9.
    27 December 2000
    The crew receives a radio transmission from a religious cult who plan to commit mass suicide by crashing into the sun. Luc falls under the unnatural influence of their leader, Brother Thirteen.
  • 10.
    03 January 2001
    When a rival group of bounty hunters tries to steal the crew's prisoner, Percy is arrested for assaulting one of the bounty hunters, a member of the Oberon Militia. Rex, the leader of the rival group, uses Percy's arrest to blackmail Dante into freeing her brother, Goran, from the Nereid prison.
  • 11.
    10 January 2001
    When a short circuit on the lower decks of the Tulip brings an unexplored section of the ship to life, Colonel Bramwell is released after 50 years in cryogenic sleep, believing Earth still is at war with the Raiders. Dante plans to use Bramwell's legendary status with the Raiders to find his son.
  • 12.
    17 January 2001
    While on a shopping trip to find parts for the life support system in the Captain's Quarters, Dante is reunited with Marco, an old friend who was a rival for Penny's affections. Marco's business partner, Ike, works with the Raiders to locate special seeds that can grow in any climate. Percy begins to suspect Luc has a hidden agenda.
  • 13.
    24 January 2001
    Every bounty hunter and law enforcement officer in the solar system seems to be after Harman, a former associate of Darius who may be the ""Rosetta Stone"" for the Divinity Cluster. Harman has developed superhuman speed, and refuses to talk to anyone but Darius. Dante's and Percy's suspicions of Luc come to a head when she helps Harman escape from The Tulip.
  • 14.
    31 January 2001
    Darius pulls strings with Rudolpho to have the Tulip transport Arquette, an artist suspected of murder. The Orchard believes that Arquette's obsession with the large, swirling storm on Jupiter has given her extra-dimensional sight. Percy discovers they are being trailed by a cloaked ship that may be over three million years old.
  • 15.
    07 February 2001
    Darius boards The Tulip to help Luc inform Dante about the Divinity Cluster.
  • 16.
    14 February 2001
    When Rudolpho sells The Tulip to Max for conversion to a prison ship, Dante must infiltrate Max's organization, and fight off advances from Max's wife, Zelda.
  • 17.
    21 February 2001
    While transporting a dangerous serial killer, The Tulip is diverted to search for survivors after an accident at a secret research station on Triton. When the ship is disabled by the station's graviton experiment, Dante stumbles on a time loop that gives him multiple chances to prevent Percy's death.
  • 18.
    28 February 2001
    Caught in separate Bubble Universes, each member of the crew must outwit separate versions of their prisioner, insane serial killer Five.
  • 19.
    07 March 2001
    Dante agrees to transport Rudolpho's friend, Stephen Hamilton, and his two daughters, unaware that Hamilton is being blackmailed by The Orchard to spy on Dante.
  • 20.
    14 March 2001
    Dante is kidnapped by Tosca, an Orchard agent who plans to use Dante to find Travis, who she believes is the key to The Divinity Cluster. During the kidnapping, Caravaggio is infected with a virus that gives him a second, evil personality. The Tulip is boarded by Navarre, a rogue Orchard scientist who wants to help Luc rescue Dante. While Percy is trying to save the ship from self-destruction by Caravaggio, The Tulip is again boarded - this time by Salomea, a Raider who claims she is working for Travis.
  • 21.
    21 March 2001
    The Tulip receives a cryptic massage from Percy that leads Dante to the special seeds that are concealed in her quarters. Dante bargains with the Raider leader, Senaca, to exchange the seeds for Percy and Travis (known to the Raiders as Zephryn). Travis reveals Penny's role in early experiments with The Divinity Cluster.
  • 22.
    28 March 2001
    Tension and mistrust forms between the crew members as Travis becomes a reluctant member of The Tulip's crew. Dante discovers The Raiders' true intentions for the seeds, but is unsure how to intervene with The Tulip damaged in their escape from The Raiders. Luc is captured by Tosca who is assisting The Raiders with their mission. Eccelston returns from ""the dead"" with dire warnings about The Divinity Cluster.


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