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Star Trek was an influential science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry that followed the adventures of the crew of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise. The show began with the production of the 1964 pilot "The Cage". "The Cage" featured Jeffrey Hunter as Enterprise captain Christopher Pike. The pilot was rejected by NBC executives as being too cerebral. In order to demonstrate the action-adventure potential of the series, another pilot entitled "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was produced. Replacing Jeffrey Hunter as Enterprise captain was William Shatner who starred as Captain James T. Kirk. The new pilot also starred Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock who was the only character to return from the original pilot after NBC's rejection of "The Cage". Response to the second, action-oriented, pilot was good and NBC gave the go ahead to the series.

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Season 3

  • 1.
    20 September 1968
    Stardate 5431.4: The Enterprise is intercepted by a starship of unknown design and a woman from the ship beams directly into the bridge and uses a device to render the Enterprise's crew unconscious. She then walks over to Spock... When the crew awakens, McCoy summons Kirk to sick bay and informs him that the alien visitor apparently removed Spock's entire brain without even performing surgery. After Spock's body is fitted with a device that allows McCoy to control the Vulcan's motor functions with a remote control, Kirk starts a search for Spock's brain, hoping it can be recovered and somehow returned to Spock before his body decays.
  • 2.
    27 September 1968
    An unusually tense and irritable Kirk orders his ship into the Romulan Neutral Zone, where it is promptly surrounded. Beamed to a Romulan ship, Kirk lies about the intrusion, then attacks Spock, who responds with a Vulcan death grip. While the female Romulan commander courts Spock, a secret mission unfolds.
  • 3.
    04 October 1968
    Stardate 4842.6: Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a planet to inform any inhabitants that they must evacuate the planet due to an approaching asteroid's imminent collision. A society similar to Native American Indians has arisen on the planet, but near their villages, the landing party finds a strange obelisk whose design and construction is far beyond the capabilities of the planet's natives. Kirk finds that the monolith can be opened by the combination of sounds found in the order ""Kirk to Enterprise,"" but when he enters the obelisk, he is attacked by waves of energy that erase his mind. With no time to spare, Spock and McCoy have to return to the Enterprise without Kirk, and begin trying to use the ship's tractor beam to divert the asteroid. Meanwhile, Kirk becomes the tribal chief, takes a wife and even expects to become a father, but the Enterprise may not be able to save her former captain's future.
  • 4.
    11 October 1968
    The Enterprise travels to a planet where a scientific team has killed themselves...except for the children, who began to act oddly.
  • 5.
    18 October 1968
    Stardate 5630.7:...or is there in beauty no truth? Miranda Jones, a telepath who studied mental disciplines on Vulcan, arrives with Ambassador Kolos, a Medusan - an alien life form whose physical form is so hideous, humanoid life forms are driven insane if they look upon him. Also beaming aboard is Larry Marvick, one of the original designers of the Enterprise - and hopelessly in love with Miranda, although she has chosen to spend her life serving as a liason between the Medusans and other humanoids. Miranda senses that someone is actively contemplating murder, and suspects Spock is envious of her once-in-a-lifetime mission - but even Miranda is unaware of the real would-be killer and their target.
  • 6.
    25 October 1968
    When coming to an exaphobic isolationist planet, Captain Kirk and his landing party are punished for trepassing. They are sentenced to death in a surreal recreation of the Gunfight at the OK Corral with the landing on the losing side.
  • 7.
    01 November 1968
    When the Enterprise brings aboard Klingon prisoners, an alien entity pits both sides against each other in an ever-escalating struggle.
  • 8.
    08 November 1968
    The Enterprise must deflect an asteroid on a collision course with an inhabited planet...but discover the asteroid is a spaceship with a population unaware of the outside world.
  • 9.
    15 November 1968
    Stardate 5693.2: The Enterprise arrives at the last known position of the U.S.S. Defiant (NCC-1764), an area of uncharted space, to search for the missing starship. When the Defiant appears on the viewing screen enshrouded in a strange green glow, Spock is unable to scan the vessel on his sensors. Kirk beams over to the Defiant with a boarding party to investigate and finds the entire crew dead. What's more, the Defiant seems to be trapped in an interphase between two different universes. A power loss partially disables the Enterprise transporter, but the landing party manages to beam back to the Enterprise except Kirk who suddenly disappears along with the Defiant. Spock calculates that the next time to interphase will be approximately two hours, and that the captain can be rescued at that time. As the Enterprise begins to experience the same problems that doomed the Defiant: power loss, weakness and insanity among the crew, an alien vessel appears and demands that they leave Tholian
  • 10.
    22 November 1968
    Kirk and his crew find themselves at the mercy of powerful individuals who possess mind-over-matter powers...and plan to use the Enterprise crew for their twisted entertainment.
  • 11.
    29 November 1968
    Stardate 5710.5: When a landing party investigating Scalos begins to vanish one by one, Kirk, Spock and McCoy try to find out what is happening before more of the crew disappears, until Kirk himself is abducted. Kirk finds the cause to be a group of endangered Scalosians who move faster than human sight or hearing can detect. They need to repopulate their species, and find that speeding human males up to Scalosian speed will meet their needs. Kirk must find a way to get a message to Spock and McCoy, who are working on a cure for the mystery ""ailment,"" as well as stirring up fighting among the Scalosians, before they have control of the Enterprise.
  • 12.
    06 November 1968
    On a planet doomed to destruction, Kirk, Spock & McCoy become involved with two aliens who use them as laboratory animals in a bizarre series of tests on an alien empath who may be the savior of her planet.
  • 13.
    20 December 1968
    The Enterprise must escort an alien princess to her marriage to seal an interplanetary alliance...but she becomes attracted to Kirk.
  • 14.
    03 January 1969
    Kirk and Spock investigate an insane asylum where a former Starfleet captain is being held, only to discover that he has freed the inmates and is running the place.
  • 15.
    10 January 1969
    The Enterprise finds itself host to two alien beings from the same planet, who share an intense and self-destructive hatred of each other.
  • 16.
    17 January 1969
    Kirk beams down on a diplomatic mission...and finds himself in an Enterprise where all the crew have vanished and only a mysterious woman resides.
  • 17.
    24 January 1969
    Kirk, McCoy, and Sulu are stranded on a barren planet where a mysterious woman attempts to kill them one at a time, while the Enterprise must travel halfway across the galaxy to rescue them.
  • 18.
    31 January 1969
    The Enterprise must deal with discorporeal cloud-like corporeal aliens who have already destroyed the inhabitants of a library planet and plan to eliminate the Enterprise crew if they cannot acquire a human host.
  • 19.
    14 February 1969
    While seeking a cure for a fever ravaging the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock encounter Flint, a hermit-like Earthman, and his beautiful young ward.
  • 20.
    21 February 1969
    The Enterprise picks up a group of space ""hippies"" looking for Eden.
  • 21.
    28 February 1969
    Kirk must resolve a mining dispute on a the cloud city of Stratos to acquire the resources to cure a space plague.
  • 22.
    07 March 1969
    Kirk and Spock meet Abraham Lincoln and Surak of Vulcan and must do battle with some of histories most terrible villians.
  • 23.
    14 March 1969
    Kirk, Spock, and McCoy become trapped in the past of another world.
  • 24.
    03 June 1969
    The Enterprise is in danger when Janice Lester, one of Kirk's former lovers, steals his body.

Season 2

  • 1.
    15 September 1967
    Spock must go to Vulcan in order to perform the Vulcan mating ritual.
  • 2.
    22 September 1967
    The Enterprise encounters an alien who claims to be the greek god Apollo.
  • 3.
    29 September 1967
    The Enterprise encounters an ancient Earth probe bent on the sterilization of all life.
  • 4.
    06 October 1967
    Kirk and three of his officers are accidentally transported into a parallel ""mirror"" universe where violence, greed, and evil are commonplace.
  • 5.
    13 October 1967
    Kirk attempts to assist a primitive people that are ruled over by a computer named Vaal.
  • 6.
    20 October 1967
    The Enterprise must stop an ancient doomsday weapon that is capable of destroying entire worlds...and has already totalled one Constellation-class cruiser.
  • 7.
    27 October 1967
    When a landing party disappears and one man is beamed up dead, Kirk and Spock investigate and meet a pair of aliens who seem capable of performing magic.
  • 8.
    03 November 1967
    The Enterprise is taken over by a group of androids who are working for Kirk's old nemesis, Harry Mudd.
  • 9.
    10 November 1967
    When their shuttle is diverted to a planetoid, Kirk meets one of the pioneers of space flight, Zefram Cochrane.
  • 10.
    17 November 1967
    Spock meets his estranged father when the Enterprise escorts a group of ambassadors to a conference on the planet Babel.
  • 11.
    01 December 1967
    Kirk, Spock, and McCoy land on a primitive planet to negotiate a mining treaty, but soon find themselves involved with intrigue and must flee with a pregnant woman into the surrounding mountains.
  • 12.
    08 December 1967
    A landing party, including the command staff, are infected with a disease that causes rapid aging and senility.
  • 13.
    15 December 1967
    The Enterprise must deal with a creature from Kirk's past that feeds on human blood.
  • 14.
    22 December 1967
    A serial killer stalks a planet...and Scotty is the prime suspect.
  • 15.
    29 December 1967
    Kirk must defuse a Klingon scheme to destroy a grain shipment...and cope with a seemingly benign creature known as a tribble, which reproduces at amazing speed.
  • 16.
    05 January 1968
    Kirk, Chekov, and Uhura are kidnapped and forced to participate in a series of gladiatorial games.
  • 17.
    12 January 1968
    The Enterprise travels to a planet suffering from cultural contamination from an earlier expedition - the inhabitants mimic the culture of 1930's gangland Chicago.
  • 18.
    19 January 1968
    The Enterprise must destroy an enormous space amoeba before it reproduces and threatens known space.
  • 19.
    02 February 1968
    Kirk becomes involved in an arms race when the Klingons equip a native people with superior weaponry.
  • 20.
    09 February 1968
    The Enterprise discovers three discorporeal intelligences who seek their help in gaining physical bodies...but one of them has plans of his own.
  • 21.
    16 February 1968
    The Enterprise seek out a historical researcher and discover he has contaminated a culture, rendering it into a near-duplicate of Nazi Germany.
  • 22.
    23 February 1968
    The Enterprise's command crew must thwart an invasion by aliens from another galaxy who plan to conquer this one.
  • 23.
    01 March 1968
    The Enterprise investigates the disappearance of another starship and discovers a planet where the inhabitants are immortal...and engaged in a strange parallel of Earth's Cold War period.
  • 24.
    08 March 1968
    The Enterprise is used to test a new super-sophisticated computer, but it soon develops a mind of its own.
  • 25.
    15 March 1968
    Stardate 4040.7: The S.S. Beagle, missing for six years, is found as debris near Planet IV of System 982. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to the planet to investigate and find a ragged group of fugitive slaves trying to stay hidden from the police. These ""sun worshippers"" distrust the landing party but soon discover that they are not a threat. Kirk informs them that he is looking for another group of strangers led by a man named Merik. Merikus is the First Citizen of the Empire, but Kirk is not sure if it is the same man. Pursuaded to help them find Merik and his crew, the leader of the fugitives sends Flavius, an ex-gladiator, to be their guide. The landing party, however, is soon captured and led into the city where they discover a civilization much like 20th century Earth, but culturally similar to ancient Rome. The landing party find Merik, now First Citizen Merikus, who six years ago abandoned his ship and beamed his crew down to the planet. Those who could adapt survived, and th
  • 26.
    29 March 1968
    Stardate not given: The Enterprise is sent on a mission back to Earth in the year 1968 to discover details about how the planet survived the arms race. While in orbit, the ship intercepts a transporter beam from an unknown part of the galaxy and beams the space traveler aboard. Surprised by what has taken place, the man identifies himself as Gary Seven and claims to be a 20th Century Earthman raised on an unknown world and trained to prevent Earth from destroying itself. Kirk decides to verify Seven's story before releasing him, but Seven escapes and beams down to the planet below. Kirk and Spock follow him to New York City, and Seven meanwhile discovers that two of his fellow agents have been killed in a auto accident. Seven is forced to complete their mission himself which is to sabotage an orbital nuclear platform, just low enough in the atmosphere to scare Earth leaders into prohibiting additional nuclear space weapons. Just as Kirk and Spock arrive, Seven beams out of his office a

Season 1

  • 1.
    08 September 1966
    Kirk and his crew are at deadly risk from an alien creature that feeds on the salt in a human body and can take on any form.
  • 2.
    15 September 1966
    Stardate 1533.6: The Enterprise makes a rendezvous with the S.S. Antares and picks up a 17 year old boy, Charlie Evans who is the only survivor of a colony expedition that crashed on the planet Thasus. Captain Ramart and his staff rave about the boy, but Kirk can't help but be puzzled when Ramart refuses luxury items and hurries back to the Antares. Charlie, without social skills of any measure, seems a bit strange and unrefined but states that he grew up alone with only the record tapes from the wreckage for company. Sometime later, Captain Ramart signals the Enterprise and tries to warn Kirk about something, but just then the Antares is destroyed. Kirk doesn't think much about Charlie's disinterested reaction to the deaths of his former friends, but Spock begins to suspect that there is more to the boy than they know. This is confirmed when Charlie makes a crewman disappear for laughing at him while in the gym. During this time, Charlie becomes infatuated with the first ^girl^ he saw after coming aboard the Enterprise, Yeoman Rand. Unable to control his desires, Charlie pesters Rand until she is forced to hurt him, first by rejecting the boy and then by slapping him while in her quarters. This, of course, causes Charlie to make her disappear as well. Now realizing the full extent of Charlie's powers and the danger he could pose to civilization, Kirk tries to alter the ship's course away from their next stop, Colony 5, but Charlie learns of his plans, seizes control of the Enterprise, and locks in a course for Colony 5. By this time the Thasians, noncorporeal beings who really raised Charlie and gave him his powers, discover that the boy is missing and intercept the Enterprise. Despite Charlie's pleas not to be taken away, the Thasians remove Charlie from the Enterprise and restore the crew back to normal.
  • 3.
    22 September 1966
    While exploring the edge of the galaxy, the Enterprise encounters an energy barrier that gives two crewmen godlike powers.
  • 4.
    29 September 1966
    A strange alien substance causes the crew to act out their deepest inhibitions, while the ship plummets out of orbit.
  • 5.
    06 October 1966
    A transporter malfunction causes Captain Kirk to split into his "good" and "evil" selves, and a landing party will freeze to death if they don't merge the two back together.
  • 6.
    13 October 1966
    The Enterprise picks up a intergalactic conman, Harry Mudd, and three incredibly beautiful women who harbor a dark secret.
  • 7.
    20 October 1966
    Nurse Christine Chapel is reunited with her old fiance on Exo III, but the scientist has plans for Captain Kirk and the Federation.
  • 8.
    27 October 1966
    Kirk and a landing party are stranded on a planet due to a disease that causes any adult to die a painful death, and must deal with the local children who have survived.
  • 9.
    03 November 1966
    Kirk investigates an experimental facility for holding prisoners and finds a sinister scheme.
  • 10.
    10 November 1966
    The Enterprise encounters a vast alien ship that sets out to test them.
  • 11.
    17 November 1966
    Spock kidnaps his former captain, the crippled Christopher Pike, and heads for a quarantined planet, putting his career and Kirk's life on the line.
  • 12.
    24 November 1966
    Spock's court-martial continues as he attempts to justify his abduction of Pike, the theft of the Enterprise, and his heading for a planet declared forbidden by Starfleet.
  • 13.
    08 December 1966
    Kirk is one of the last survivors who can identify a mass killer, who lurks among a Shakespearean troupe aboard the Enterprise.
  • 14.
    15 December 1966
    Kirk pits the Enterprise against an invisible spaceship testing the Federation's defenses.
  • 15.
    29 December 1966
    The Enterprise crew take shore leave on a peaceful, pastoral planet...where their dreams and fantasies come to life.
  • 16.
    05 January 1967
    Spock commands a stranded away team when their shuttlecraft is stranded on a planet with hostile natives.
  • 17.
    12 January 1967
    The Enterprise finds itself at the mercy of a seemingly omnipotent being who fancies himself a 18th century Englishman.
  • 18.
    19 January 1967
    When a mysterious alien race destroy an Earth colony, the Enterprise pursues but Kirk and the alien captain are forced to fight each other by powerful aliens.
  • 19.
    26 January 1967
    The Enterprise collides with a black hole and is thrown back to Earth in the 20th century, where they must find a way back and erase any trace of their presence. Matters become complicated when they rescue an Air Force pilot and cannot return him without changing history...but if he disappears that will change history as well.
  • 20.
    02 February 1967
    Captain Kirk's career is at stake when he is put on trial for the loss of a crewman during an ion storm.
  • 21.
    09 February 1967
    The Enterprise encounters a seemingly peaceful civilization run by a ""benevolent"" being named Landru...who intends for them to join his people.
  • 22.
    16 February 1967
    The Enterprise picks up a crew of genetic supermen from the 20th century...and their leader, Khan, plans to create a new empire.
  • 23.
    23 February 1967
    The Enterprise arrives at a planet to establish diplomatic relations and finds itself in the middle of a "peaceful" war that threatens to destroy the ship.
  • 24.
    02 March 1967
    The Enterprise crew is trapped in paradise when they come to rescue colonists who have fallen to pacifying alien spores and become infected themselves.
  • 25.
    09 March 1967
    Kirk investigates a series of grisly murders on a mining planet that are the work of a seemingly hostile alien creature.
  • 26.
    23 March 1967
    The Federation and the Klingon Empire teeter on the brink of war as Kirk investigates a humble planet caught in the middle - Organia, inhabited by pacifists
  • 27.
    30 March 1967
    Kirk and Spock encounter an alien named Lazarus who claims to be from an anti-matter universe.
  • 28.
    06 April 1967
    Kirk and Spock must travel into the past in order to correct a change that will alter history.
  • 29.
    13 April 1967
    Kirk and the Enterprise must combat parasitic aliens.


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