Star Cops (1987)

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Star Cops follows Nathan Spring and the rest of his multinational team of the International Space Police (Star Cops) as they work to establish the Star Cops and solve whatever crimes come their way. Operating in a relatively accurately realised hard SF, near-future, space environment, many of the cases that the Star Cops investigate arise from opportunities for new crimes presented by the technologically advanced future society the series depicts and from the hostile frontier nature of the environment that the Star Cops live in.

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Pilot Part 1


Season 1

  • 1.
    06 July 1987
    With a body in the river and a series of spacesuit failures, Nathan Spring is unconvinced by the machine's verdict of accidental death. And instinct is telling him to pursue it even if it means laying his own life on the line.
  • 2.
    13 July 1987
    ""Lee Jones has been dealt with. You are next."" Somewhere out there is a killer. Can Nathan Spring, recently appointed head of the International Space Police Force, pre-empt his deadly messenger?
  • 3.
    20 July 1987
    There has been an explosion at the chemical plant, disaster in the Channel Tunnel and now there's a terrorist threat. The only clue is a couple of lines of obscure poetry. Can Spring and Theroux unravel the secret in time?
  • 4.
    27 July 1987
    Microbiologist Harvey Goodman has disappeared. It seems that the American space station RONALD REAGAN holds the answer, but pool-playing Commander Griffin is proving less than helpful. Diving deeper into a web of international double-dealing, Nathan smells a rat.
  • 5.
    03 August 1987
    Exactly what happened to make a nuclear waste dumper launch abort? Is the Mafia alive and kicking in 2027? Will Nathan manage to survive being charged with murder?
  • 6.
    10 August 1987
    'Knowledge is light.' 'Ignorance is darkness.' Science must succeed. Nathan knows that. But when it means the loss of innocent lives, the Star Cops swing into action.
  • 7.
    17 August 1987
    When a mystery kidnapper steals three frozen embryos from Moonbase, the crime seems motiveless. Then their mother turns out to be the wife of an infamous arms dealer with a list of henchmen and enemies a mile long. With the ransom deadline approaching, Nathan is finding out what it's really like to race against time to save lives.
  • 8.
    24 August 1987
    The stress of deep space seems to be taking its toll at last with the onset of more and more maintenance errors. The trouble is, they've co-incided with the arrival of the safety controller and a visiting psychiatrist! As the chaos escalates, the safety of the entire moonbase is at stake.
  • 9.
    31 August 1987
    Can a martian really have been unearthed at last? With a freighter carrying the new discovery bound for Moonbase, it certainly seems that way. Suddenly the Star Cops find themselves caught up in a race for the scoop of the millennium. But the cost is high, and the body count is rising...


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