Salem (2014)

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Set in the volatile world of 17th century Massachusetts, it explores what really fueled the town’s infamous witch trials and centers on Mary Sibley, the beautiful, ruthless but vulnerable wife of an ancient, ailing but very wealthy Salem town Selectman.

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Season 3

  • 1.
    02 November 2016
    Salem's only hope to survive the hell that has risen is to raise the dead.
  • 2.
    09 November 2016
    Mary leaves the comfort of Alden's embrace, determined to do whatever it takes to keep evil at bay.
  • 3.
    16 November 2016
    Mary’s penance for her betrayal takes a deadly turn while Cotton is forced to perform an exorcism of his own.
  • 4.
    30 November 2016
    Cotton discovers life-altering news while Mary learns the power of her femininity.
  • 5.
    07 December 2016
    A traitor is exposed while a ghost from Salem’s past makes a shocking appearance.
  • 6.
    14 December 2016
    Mary and Alden's twisted love is put to the ultimate test and Anne plunges into dark magic.
  • 7.
    04 January 2017
    Anne's pregnancy starts to show as her house-guest goes to work for Mercy. Isaac finds himself in a new role and seems to enjoy it. Plans are made to defeat the dark child and the boy goes to pieces.
  • 8.
    11 January 2017
    Mortal enemies are forced to work together to keep the door to hell locked.
  • 9.
    18 January 2017
    Hearts are destroyed when everyone's true colors are revealed and one bleeds darker than the rest.
  • 10.
    25 January 2017
    Series Finale. Everyone prepares on the eve of Salem's demise.

Season 2

  • 1.
    05 April 2015
    Salem's leading witch, Mary Sibley, faces both foreign and domestic challenges to her authority.
  • 2.
    12 April 2015
    Mary initiates the second act of the Grand Rite. Alden returns to Salem.
  • 3.
    19 April 2015
    Mary receives help from a former foe to keep Salem in the grasp of the witches.
  • 4.
    26 April 2015
    Anne explores her supernatural side. Mary receives a chilling warning.
  • 5.
    03 May 2015
    Mary and her tormentor, Countess Marburg, meet face-to-face.
  • 6.
    10 May 2015
    Countess Marburg arrives in Salem and threatens Mary's stronghold on the city.
  • 7.
    17 May 2015
    Mary and Countess Marburg keep up appearances while continuing their covert battle for Salem.
  • 8.
    24 May 2015
    Countess Marburg's achilles heel is revealed.
  • 9.
    31 May 2015
    Mary makes a sacrifice to save her son from Marburg.
  • 10.
    07 June 2015
    When Mary and Alden join forces, Alden gets his first test in fatherhood.
  • 11.
    14 June 2015
    Mary has a public fall from grace. Alden and Cotton try to save the boy's soul.
  • 12.
    21 June 2015
    Mary makes a last ditch effort to stop Countess Marburg's attempts while alliances shift as surprising truths are revealed.
  • 13.
    28 June 2015
    Mary refuses to believe that her son is still alive while the Countess does everything she can to impress the boy. Ann tries to convince Cotton that she uses her powers for good and Alden balances between life and death.

Season 1

  • 1.
    20 April 2014
    After ten years of service fighting in the French and Indian War, John Alden returns to his home in Salem, intent on reuniting with his love, Mary. On his arrival, he's stunned to discover that the town has been swept up in a wave of witch hunt hysteria, and that Mary has married the town’s richest and most powerful resident.
  • 2.
    27 April 2014
    With witch fears rising, Alden seeks the truth of what’s really going on in Salem while Cotton continues to wrestle with his guilt and Mary looks to execute a plan. The witches get closer to finding out who interrupted the ceremony, but Mary continues to find her emotions for Alden affecting her focus. A clue in the woods leads Cotton and Isaac to find more evidence that the witches may indeed be real.
  • 3.
    04 May 2014
    Salem trembles in the aftermath of the trial, and Anne turns to John Alden for comfort. Mysterious circumstances lead Alden to suspect Magistrate Hale is not who or what he appears to be. Mary discovers who witnessed the witches’ ceremony and deliberates a course of action. George Sibley begins hatching a plan to escape Mary’s clutches.
  • 4.
    11 May 2014
    An old nemesis of Alden's arrives in Salem with secrets that could destroy him. Mary loses her grip on Mercy.
  • 5.
    18 May 2014
    The members of Salem's coven of witches meets in the woods and decide to eliminate one of their most dangerous threats. Alden and Cotton realize the true, dangerous nature of the mysterious object they uncovered – and use it to ensnare something of much graver importance. Mary realizes that her own coven has been plotting without her.
  • 6.
    25 May 2014
    Alden and Cotton find themselves face-to-face with a real witch. An unlikely ally keeps the coven from tracking down their missing sister. Tituba feels left out when Mary decides to initiate a new member into the coven. Alden and Cotton learn that the trials have actually been helping the witches – and soon find themselves under attack after they lose control of their captive.
  • 7.
    01 June 2014
    When a shakeup within the coven leaves Mary with more power than ever, she hatches her most nefarious plan yet to bring the witches closer to achieving the Grand Rite. Alden and Cotton, reeling from the aftermath of their interrogation, question the efficacy of the trials. Alden finds himself weaker by the day, as a victim of Mary's dream spell. Anne makes an eerie discovery about her father’s activities. When Increase Mather makes an unanticipated entrance, Salem and its coven faces the arrival of the most feared witch hunter.
  • 8.
    08 June 2014
    Increase Mather makes it his first order of business to catch a real witch, and starts by pinpointing a prominent figure from Salem’s most sinful district. Accusations within Salem intensify. Cotton must deal with a painful turn of events. Anne’s suspicions of her father reach fever pitch.
  • 9.
    15 June 2014
    Salem sees a second death since Increase's arrival in town. Mary struggles to get George back under her control. Mercy and her acolytes flex their growing power. Increase grows closer to Isaac, putting Isaac’s loyalty to Mary in question.
  • 10.
    22 June 2014
    Increase gets closer to understanding who really runs Salem. Anne finds herself in danger, and Mr. and Mrs. Hale realize that Alden may be the only one who can save her.
  • 11.
    29 June 2014
    Increase continiues on his warpath continues as Alden finds himself the target of fresh accusations. Cotton finds himself frozen in a tug of war between his father and his loyalty to Alden. Anne learns the truth about her father.
  • 12.
    06 July 2014
    Alden’s trial begins, triggering a chain of events that breaks nearly every remaining allegiance left in Salem. While Mary arms the Malum for the Grand Rite, the coven elders urge her to use Alden as the final sacrifice. Increase seizes Mercy’s acolytes for information to use against Alden.
  • 13.
    13 July 2014
    Alden learns Mary's biggest secret, and Mary discovers a new one of her own.


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