Amazing Stories (1985)

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Explore Steven Spielberg's imaginative mind in this classic series of incredible tales. Amazing Stories is an incredible collection of short tales from the creative mind of Steven Spielberg. Most episodes ran in a half-hour time slot, with only a few going longer than that. In spite of the brevity of the show, each episode packs in a well-developed story, along with some subtle commentaries on human nature and morality.

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Season 2

  • 1.
    22 September 1986
    A wax museum dresser takes a ring from a statue. The ring transforms his overworked wife into a femme fatale.
  • 2.
    29 September 1986
    A high school student searching for a date accidently spills chemicals on a magazine and conjures up a dog. He tries desperately to create a beautiful woman, but things go terribly wrong.
  • 3.
    06 October 1986
    A man temporarily exchanges bodies with his grandson so that he can relive his youth on the baseball field. While the man enjoys his new life, the boy discovers his grandfather's old body is dying.
  • 4.
    13 October 1986
    A horror movie buff's obsession with the girl next door lands him in a terrifying scene from Psycho.
  • 5.
    20 October 1986
    Awakened by a dream of a plane crashing outside his home, a man tries to convince people of his premonition.
  • 6.
    03 November 1986
    A housewife has a very real nightmare. She encounters a large creature that has a taste for inanimate objects.
  • 7.
    10 November 1986
    An inmate is struck by lightning. He is given miraculous healing powers that spark a last-minute attempt to save him from the electric chair.
  • 8.
    21 November 1986
    A teacher's bizarre discipline causes two students to seek revenge with a spell culled from a rock song played backwards. Unfortunately something goes wrong when they cast the spell. When they attempt another spell to fix the problem they accidently remove the head of their teacher.
  • 9.
    21 November 1986
    Go to the Head of the Class (2)
  • 10.
    24 November 1986
    Nora and her father Calvin are farmers who are digging a well for water. The two lower a flashlight on a rope down the hole. Suddenly something pulls on the rope. When they pull it up, they see that the flashlight has been replaced with a gold ingot. Calvin goes to town with it while Nora sends down another package to the ""hole people"" containing ham and a dictionary. When she pulls it back up she receives gold and jewels and a note thanking her, saying the 'ham' was very tasty, and asking for more things. She sends down chicken and gets even more gold. Calvin returns in a tow truck. On a tow cable, he sends down a container filled with flashlights. When he pulls it up, he discovers they have been destroyed. Calvin is upset and decides to go down into the hole. He gets a gun and puts on a gas mask and army suit. He lowers himself down and tells Nora to bring him up after 10 minutes. Nora brings him up but all that comes up is the suit, stuffed with gold and jewelry and coins. There is
  • 11.
    01 December 1986
    An old spinster who is tired of losing a pumpkin competition recieves special advice from an agricultural professor.
  • 12.
    08 December 1986
    A boy wonders what would happen if his parents did not return from one of their many social events.
  • 13.
    29 December 1986
    A dying scientist volunteers to be the first person to merge with a computer.
  • 14.
    12 January 1987
    Traveling a deserted highway, a woman facing divorce sees her past through the windshield after she picks up a stranded woman.
  • 15.
    19 January 1987
    Two police officers try to break up a supermarket robbery, but the younger officer is killed. A new female partner helps the other officer avenge his friends death. He later discovers that his new partner is the ghost of an officer who died 12 years earlier.
  • 16.
    02 February 1987
    A television writer is given an opportunity to write a sitcom. The source of inspiration for the sitcom comes to the man from his plants.
  • 17.
    16 February 1987
    In an animated episode, the antics of a family are seen through the point of view of the family dog.
  • 18.
    13 March 1987
    A broadway lyricist seeks inspiration by contacting the spirit of Gershwin through a psychic.
  • 19.
    20 March 1987
    The Lewise family believes that their new neighbors the Hellenbecks are from outer space. The couple and their only child are strange, and seem to have little or no knowledge of 20th century customs and behaviors. Soon strange things begin happening and a strange heat-seeking device tries to kill the Lewises. The Hellenbecks reveal they are from the future, and came back in time to have a naturally-born child (which is forbidden in their future). Together the two families manage to defeat a killer-android and the Hellenbecks depart rather then endanger their newfound friends.
  • 20.
    27 March 1987
    A father meets his long lost daughter who appears to him exactly as she appeared forty years ago.
  • 21.
    03 April 1987
    A teen learns that his family is bound for a new home: a planet almost a hundred billion miles away.
  • 22.
    10 April 1987
    A beauty pageant promoter is forced to allow the cream of the alien crop into his self-proclaimed ""Miss Galaxy"" contest.

Season 1

  • 1.
    29 September 1985
    Train of ages past are about to crash into the present world of a young boy.
  • 2.
    06 October 1985
    A high scholl footbal player ins magnetised by a fallen meteorite...
  • 3.
    20 October 1985
    A young messenger during the fight of the Alamo is transported to twentieth century San Antonio.
  • 4.
    27 October 1985
    An actor, Harold, who stars in a mummy film finds himself in serious trouble from frightened people when he leaves the set in full costume to reach his pregnant wife who is about to give birth. Unfortunately, matters become even more complicated when a local mummy, Ra Amin Kamin, comes to life and starts trying to kill harold. In the end, Harold gets to the hospital in time and Ra Amin Kamin finds himself the new star of the movie...
  • 5.
    03 November 1985
    During World War II, men in a air force bomber are caught in a no win scenario when their belly gunner (an amateur artist) is trapped in his seat and the plane has no wheels for landing.
  • 6.
    03 November 1985
    The Mission Part 2
  • 7.
    05 November 1985
    A psychic showman realizes that during a performance that someone in the audience wants to commit murder. Frightened, he calls the police, and the detective shows up to investigate.
  • 8.
    10 November 1985
    A teenager, Andy, is working on a science project to intercept distant television signals and inadvertently ties into a series of alien broadcasts - the aliens have copied old b&w TV shows such as ""I Love Lucy."" Andy and his friends tune in on a newscast saying three alien explorers are travelling to Earth on an expedition to meet their inspiration. Andy and his friends find the aliens, who easily stand out. Andy and the others take the three aliens on a tour of Hollywood, but they are disappointed to find that they can't bring anyone (such as Milton Berle) back with them. Finally Andy digs up some aging vaudeville entertainers from a retirement home who are glad to go back with the aliens and entertainment them they way they enjoy.
  • 9.
    17 November 1985
    A fading illusionist has a last shot at greatness thanks to a deck of magic playing cards.
  • 10.
    01 December 1985
    The emotion Guilt feels overworked. He takes a vacation cruise and falls for the emotion Love.
  • 11.
    08 December 1985
    A henpecked man finds comfort in a unique television set that bring lifelike images to him.
  • 12.
    15 December 1985
    A little boy helps Santa when the legendary man is thrown in jail while delivering presents.
  • 13.
    29 December 1985
    When an artist is devasted by the death of his wife, hew finds a way for her to live on in his painting.
  • 14.
    05 January 1986
    Two young boys get the best of every sitter in town, until they meet one who uses voodoo to settle them down.
  • 15.
    12 January 1986
    A GI tries to be a hero during an amphibious assault in Italy during World War II.
  • 16.
    19 January 1986
    During the Depression, several bar patrons hope to get insurance money by tricking a man into signing an policy with the hope that he will drink himself to death.
  • 17.
    02 February 1986
    On the advice form a mysterious little man, an 18-year-old boy begins to collects rare comics and toys. When he sells them as an old man, the gains wealth and happiness.
  • 18.
    16 February 1986
    Ghosts in an attic try to get rid of a couple who move into their house.
  • 19.
    02 March 1986
    After 40 years in a coma, Ben Dumpfy awakens and discovers that he can communicate with a seven-year-old girl who is in a coma after a bike accident.
  • 20.
    09 March 1986
    A popular horror novelist is terrorized by a strange figure in his bathroom mirror.
  • 21.
    06 April 1986
    A young woman believes that her mother, her fiance, and her psychiatrist are secretly filming her life.
  • 22.
    13 April 1986
    A new toupee causes a man to feel an urge to kill the first lawyer he sees.
  • 23.
    04 May 1986
    A lonely bachelor is fascinated by a doll he bought for his niece.
  • 24.
    11 May 1986
    An elderly custodian suddenly gains incredible knowledge.
  • 25.
    25 May 1986
    A man tries to reconcile his grandmother with the death of his grandpa. The ghost of the old man only appears in the presence of his wife.


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