Sci-fi and Fantasy Clocks

Stormtrooper Alarm Clock
A superb character mini figure style clock from the masters at Lego, featuring Alarm and a Snooze Button! These 8 inch tall figures will be a delight to Star Wars fans young and old alike. Just remember, choose your side of the Force wisely!
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Yoda Alarm Clock
The digital display lights up in red when you push down on the head, whether to make the alarm snooze for 5 minutes or just to check the time. Yoda also has moveable arms.
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Darth Vader Alarm Clock
Feel the power of the dark side at home with the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Minifigure Clock. The perfect addition to every LEGO Star Wars collection, this menacing decor features a digital, lighted display and alarm clock. The snooze and backlight functions are activated by pushing down on the minifigures head.
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