Stormtrooper Gadgets & Gifts

Star Wars Stormtrooper Robe
When aboard the Death Star if you were to look into the locker of any given Stormtrooper you'll find an official robe given out by the Empire. The reason why the robe matches the Stormtrooper armor is because every soldier needs always be ready in case the rebels show up. A little known fact is that the accuracy of a Stormtrooper's aim improves when in the robe. So now you can join the Empire while being comfy in this great Star Wars robe.
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Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Mug
Star Wars Mug - Stormtrooper Helmet 3D Ceramic Coffee and Drink Mug with Removable Lid - 20-oz is perfect for the ultimate Star Wars fan! This Stormtrooper character helmet mug has raised multi-dimensional elements to give it that 3D look. Made from durable ceramic material, this mug is perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any type of beverage. It comes with a removable lid which will maintain the temperature of your beverage a little longer than usual.
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Stormtrooper Alarm Clock
A superb character mini figure style clock from the masters at Lego, featuring Alarm and a Snooze Button! These 8 inch tall figures will be a delight to Star Wars fans young and old alike. Just remember, choose your side of the Force wisely!
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Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shakers
These hand painted, sculpted ceramic salt and pepper shakers are both fun and functional. The black one is Darth Vader character and the white is a Stormtrooper. This set makes the perfect gift for that ultimate Star Wars fan! Hand washing is recommended.
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