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The Expanse
Si Lang
"Refreshingly unpredictable, Acting content superb and actually believable. Very clever plotlines that leave you waiting eagerly for the next episode."
"A movie in space with hot A-listers. The chemistry between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence was fine, other than that there is nothing much special to talk about."
The Expanse
Amrit Pal
"Well every perspective of this series is mind blowing .It has IT factor seriously . Seems boring from starting but it steps on accelerator after 2-3 episodes... Superb Series .. watch it "
Lorenzo Farabegoli
"A human that create a sub man, that create a human. Real Amazing If u love a IA story this is the Series that do for you! "
Stranger Things
Lorenzo Farabegoli
"When you think you know, all the plots about the sci fi world, comes this series that seems obvious, and you say ... you will be the usual alien cabbage, children etc etc. But no ... this series is very scary, is not splatter, yet will put some fear..."
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