Helix (2014)

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Helix is an intense thriller about a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak, only to find themselves pulled into a terrifying life-and-death struggle that holds the key to mankind’s salvation or total annihilation.

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Season 1: Overview Trailer
Season 1 - Official Trailer
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Season 1: Secrets Trailer
What is Syfy's Helix About? Ronald D Moore Interview
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Season 2

  • 1.
    16 January 2015
    San Jose

Season 1

  • 1.
    10 January 2014
    A Center for Disease Control medical team’s investigation of a disease outbreak at a high tech arctic research lab uncovers the truth about a secretive research project that could threaten the future of humankind.
  • 2.
    10 January 2014
    As Dr. Alan Farragut accelerates the hunt for his infected brother Peter, the quarantine of three scientists threatens to create panic at the lab. Doreen finds evidence that Dr. Hatake is lying about his research.
  • 3.
    17 January 2014
    As Alan sets up an isolation unit to quarantine the infected lab workers, Walker and Jordan each face the possibility that they have the deadly virus, too.
  • 4.
    24 January 2014
    As Alan risks killing Peter in a desperate effort to cure him, Walker teams with a mysterious young researcher to survive their quarantine. Jordan discovers her Rapid Response test is flawed.
  • 5.
    31 January 2014
    As Alan’s controversial cure leaves Peter clinging to life, the unchecked virus forces Jordan to make a devastating decision. Walker discovers the surprising truth about her new ally, while Daniel squares off against Balleseros.
  • 6.
    07 February 2014
    After Daniel leaves Balleseros to die, the mystery surrounding his connection to Hatake (Hiroyuki Sanada) is revealed. As he works to save Peter (Neil Napier), Alan (Billy Campbell) struggles with his feelings for both Walker (Kyra Zagorsky) and Jordan (Jordan Hayes).
  • 7.
    14 February 2014
    As Ilaria CEO Constance Sutton arrives to collect the virus and its cure, Alan finds Walker seemingly symptom-free. Daniel learns the truth about his “adoption” by Hatake.
  • 8.
    21 February 2014
    Alan risks his life to save his brother Peter from Ilaria CEO Constance Sutton, only to see him re-captured by Vectors. Julia Walker deals with the mystery of her “cure” while her half-brother Daniel confronts their father, Dr. Hatake, about being abducted as a child.
  • 9.
    28 February 2014
    The CDC teams learns the real purpose of the infection and Alan and Julia make a perilous journey to retrieve the canister that has the original source virus.
  • 10.
    07 March 2014
    In a last ditch effort to find help and a cure, Alan and Julia go to an abandoned satellite station discover a shocking secret that reveals Hatake's ultimate goal and the reason why he has developed the deadly virus.
  • 11.
    14 March 2014
    The Vectors start working together to hunt down the uninfected as the CDC develops a risky cure and a band of assassins from Ilaria secretly infiltrate the base.
  • 12.
    21 March 2014
    The uninfected are hiding in a secret bunker on the base as the CDC attempt to retrieve the canisters with the virus and the cure while the Ilaria assassins capture Hatake and force him to chose between which one of his children they will kill first.
  • 13.
    28 March 2014
    Alan and Peter capture the assassin Scythe and demand to know the whereabouts of Julia’s mother. Balleseros confronts Hatake about the missing Inuit children, while Anana and her brother learn of Daniel’s fate. Concerns that the virus is in Ilaria’s possession again forces Alan and the team off the base to search the world in order to retrieve it.


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