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The Hobbit The Battle of Five Armies poster
Premiere: December 2014
Mere seconds after the events of "Desolation", Bilbo and Company continue to claim a mountain of treasure that was guarded long ago: But with Gandalf the Grey also facing some formidable foes of his own, the Hobbit is outmatched when the brutal army of orcs led by Azog the Defiler returns. But with other armies such as the elves and the men of Lake-Town, which are unsure to be trusted, are put to the ultimate test when Smaug's wrath, Azog's...

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Mad Max Fury Road poster
December 10, 2014
Just hours after I called Mad Max: Fury Road my most anticipated film of 2015 the new trailer dropped, and melted the face off the internet. This trailer is total visual overload, with very little indication of the story to come. In fact, from what we know of Fury Road, that isn’t even a misrepresentation of the film. Like The Road Warrior, this is said to be primarily an action-heavy chase film, without much dialogue at all.
Terminator Genesis poster
December 04, 2014
Thirty years after James Cameron unleashed his low budget, gritty sci-fi actioner The Terminator, fans of the franchise have been clamouring for a glimpse at the next sequel. Shrouded in mystery after Paramount chose to keep Terminator: Genisys out of Comic-Con, a handful of images and plot details slowly emerged over the following six months. Now, the studio has finally dropped the first full-length trailer for the Alan Taylor-directed sequel.
Star Wars: Episode VII poster
November 28, 2014
You’ve seen it. You have thoughts. So do we. Here are 7 things we just learned from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, which blew up Black Friday with voom-voom pew-pew-pew glory.
Jurassic World poster
November 25, 2014
Earlier today, Universal sneaked in the full trailer for Jurassic World, 2 days early. Why, who knows? Maybe it's because it might have ruined thanksgiving. Ok, that's a bit harsh, but I'm completely underwhelmed by the trailer.
The Hunger Games Mockingjay - Part 1 poster
November 21, 2014
Early Friday projections show Lionsgate’s “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1″ heading for an opening weekend of about $125 million in the U.S. — significantly lower than recent forecasts and over 20% below the first two “Hunger Games” movies.
Prometheus 2 poster
November 18, 2014
A new interview with Ridley Scott has surfaced online during his promotional rounds for his latest film Exodus. During the interview Ridley gives a brief update on both his upcoming Blade Runner sequel and the highly anticipated Prometheus sequel!
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The Signal
Reviewed by Eric Monse
"This movie has all the right elements to make it a great movie. The idea behind it is excellent. The story isn't bad. The visuals are great. The directing is great. And even the reveal at the end is really good. So what stopped me from liking this movie? I..."
The 100
Reviewed by rob froud
"... with a reasonable underlying plot. I am sticking it out mainly as I cannot get a novel sci-fi fix elsewhere else. The 100 provides more grist to the mill that high quality sci-fi is being killed-off with Generation Y (no demand = no supply). It is pretty much a..."
Star Trek
Reviewed by J McW
"This is the Star Trek film that should have never been. It's obvious that J.J. Abrams was no fan of the franchise, nor did he show it the respect that it deserved. The complete rape of the original history that was put in place by the films and television shows,..."
Edge of Tomorrow
Reviewed by Eric Monse
"First, before anything else, DO NOT watch this movie in 3D. The 3D sucks. In general I'm not a fan of 3D but it has gotten better and studios have been more subtle about it. In this case, the 3D was added in post-production instead of filming in 3D. It..."
Reviewed by Jones
"Great show, stunning visuals and soundtrack with an interesting story. Interested on where they go with season 2 but the first season was great. "
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