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Premiere: December 2015
Set approximately thirty years after Return of the Jedi and the demise of Darth Vader, the plot centers around a trio of young leads, along with characters from the previous installments.

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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Lorenzo Farabegoli
"This subject is meravellus. Watching a series that speak about mages, u could see alot of magic!!! I wonna see the second season asap!!! "
Almost Human
Leah WH
"I loved this show! I'm still upset that is was canceled. It was a true breath of fresh air. So funny, well acted, interesting, witty... I could go on, but alas... it is no more. :-("
The Last Ship
Leah WH
"This show is solid. Being a TNT original, it has it's cheesy moments, but not nearly as many as Falling Skies. The overall story is very intriguing, and, while the script and acting has weak spots, it is generally well told. If it wasn't a summer series, I might not..."
The 100
Leah WH
"I expected this show to be glossy, campy, and generally bad, but I was shocked to discover the exact opposite! Yes, the cast is gorgeous, but the similarities to the cheese teen genre CW shows stops there. The story is brutal, the scripts are well written, the acting and directing..."
Black Mirror
Dominique Euzébio Ferreira
"I found this serie because Arcade Fire's song Black Miror (duh?) and I fell in love. The stories change in every episode and that's kinda sad because it's so catchy that you start have feels for the characters. Watch it now! "
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