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Premiere: July 2015
Video game experts are recruited by the military to fight 1980s-era video game characters who've attacked New York.

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Selfless poster
July 04, 2015
If a sci-fi movie feels like a rip-off of the 1960s classic “Seconds,” does that make it “Thirds”?
Legends of Tomorrow
July 03, 2015
The motley crew of superheroes on The CW’s upcoming Legends of Tomorrow may call themselves “legends,” but showrunner Phil Klemmer tells EW the team members haven’t quite lived up to the name — at least not when time traveler Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) recruits them at the start of the series to protect the time stream from Vandal Savage, a super-villain capable of destroying time itself.
Sense8 poster
June 29, 2015
So, now that season one of Sense8 is over, what's the verdict: admirable folly or ballsy success?
June 19, 2015
Syfy on Friday night allowed entry into a new universe — a world patrolled by Killjoys. Will you keep the new space saga in your crosshairs?
iZombie poster
June 09, 2015
For a show about zombies eating brains, iZombie sure likes to rip out our hearts as well, huh?
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Almost Human
"I loved this show! I'm still upset that is was canceled. It was a true breath of fresh air. So funny, well acted, interesting, witty... I could go on, but alas... it is no more. :-("
The Last Ship
"This show is solid. Being a TNT original, it has it's cheesy moments, but not nearly as many as Falling Skies. The overall story is very intriguing, and, while the script and acting has weak spots, it is generally well told. If it wasn't a summer series, I might not..."
The 100
"I expected this show to be glossy, campy, and generally bad, but I was shocked to discover the exact opposite! Yes, the cast is gorgeous, but the similarities to the cheese teen genre CW shows stops there. The story is brutal, the scripts are well written, the acting and directing..."
Black Mirror
"I found this serie because Arcade Fire's song Black Miror (duh?) and I fell in love. The stories change in every episode and that's kinda sad because it's so catchy that you start have feels for the characters. Watch it now! "
Mad Max: Fury Road
"Mad Max: Fury Road is exactly what I want from a reboot of a beloved genre property. It's one of the best action films I've personally ever seen. My adrenaline is still pumping so much and my mind continues to race to the point that I doubt I'll be able..."
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